A lightweight, open source, and easy to use
Event Management Plugins for WordPress

Easy to Use

Create, manage and categorise events on your website with the easiest options and a familiar WordPress UI.

Search and Filter

Ajax based filtering and search features added through shortcodes to ensure that your visitors find the listings of their interest instantly.

Frontend Forms

Submit, manage and organize your event listings from the front end submission form and dashboard.

Developer Friendly

Coded with the best practices – You’ll only find custom post types, well-organized and annotated code, endpoints and template files.

WordPress Event Manager Plugin

All the features you ever need for your Event Listing WordPress websites.

Turn your WordPress website into an event management portal with just few clicks. Get and install our Event Manager Plugin and hosting events listings on your website and start hosting detailed and beautiful event listings. The WP Event Manager Plugin is feature rich yet easy to use. Even if you have never created a website earlier, this is the right opportunity to start with. And what more? It’s FREE.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

All our plugins are fully responsive support hence it perfectly fit to any screen and your desktop monitors, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, iPads, or any other devices.
Cross Browsers Support

Cross Browsers support

Our plugins are always well-tested and hence they are compatible for all types of browsers. All Plugins are also not complaint with the web standards.
SEO Friendly

SEO friendly

We take every step to promote your site and easy noticeable on any search engine.Plugins are search engine optimized,hence it can help to rank well in every search engine such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.
Submit an Event

Submit an Event

Create massive event portals where different event organizers and users can post their event listings to promote their events. With our plugin, it is so easy to create an events Directory.
Event Preview

Preview Before Event Live

Your visitors will feel very nervous before hitting the “Publish” button. No Worries, allow them to view a live preview of their event listings. They can publish it or make changes by editing it.
Event Types

Events By Type

Now you won’t have to worry about your visitors not finding the relevant listings on your website. With the Ajax search system and filters, the visitors will be able to find out the event listings of their interest without wasting time on the listings irrelevant to them.
Event Categories

Event Categories

Organize your event listings under suitable categories and sub-categories. This makes it easy for you, as an admin of your website, to organize the listings under relevant sections. It also helps the visitors. They can directly switch to their desired category.
Event Dashboard

Event Dashboard

Managing a large events portal is not an easy so we provide a event management dashboard with the best options to let you manage your event listings. All the options are intuitive, self-explanatory and well-organized.
Event Widgets

Event Widgets

WP Event Manager includes a recent and featured Events Widget which display your event listing in date order, optionally matching a keyword and location.


What our happy users say about plugin.
Nice Plugin
Nice Plugin. They are providing many features and easy to customize the plugin. great work 🙂 Thanks
Awesome plugin! Simple but have many options!
Loved it!
Definitely give WP Event Manager a look if you need to add event listings
WP Event Manager is easy to use and set up. It only takes a few minutes to get up and going. And I like that it includes a setup wizard to automatically create all the necessary pages.
Awesome Event Management Plugin
Event manager plugin is “must have” if you want to turn your WordPress website into an event management portal. Event management plugins allow you to display all relevant information for events into one place.