Attendee Information
Attendee Information
Allowing event registration with specific information on your website? WP Event Manager Attendee Information plugin is provide you collection of attendees information which attendees has to fill when they will register with event. This plugin has the setup to let the visitors register for an event on your website and then let the admin/organizer know that a registration has been made.
Licenses grant one year support & updates. Personal license are valid for a single site, whereas developer license are valid for 5 sites.

Collect Attedee Information

Collect information from the attendee at checkout page.

List Attendee Information

Show attendee infomation at registration dashboard


Developer friendly code for easier customisation
attendee information to collect
Attendee Information Options – Frontend Side

The organizers can specify the attendee information that they want to be collected from the visitors who register to attend the event. Only on providing this information, will the attendees be granted registration to book the ticket of the event. It is totally upto the organizer on what information they want to collect from the attendee. This plugin simply lets the organizers specify what information they want. This all information options can defined at registration form settings from admin panel so using this plugin, you need GAM Event Manager – Registrations plugin.

Attendee Information Options – Backend Side (Admin Panel)

Once the event is hosted and live on the website, the plugin even lets you change the attendee information to be collected. The organizers or admin can change the attendee information to be collected fields any time they want.

admin attendee information to collect
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