Attendees, user or anyone can bookmark events and organizer can bookmark attendees/user using Bookmarks Plugin. Additionally, user can give an note while bookmark and this note is optional.
Licenses grant one year support & updates. Personal license are valid for a single site, whereas developer license are valid for 5 sites.

Bookmarking System

Simple bookmarking system for events.

Bookmark Notes

Add notes to bookmarks to help keep track


List bookmarks on a page via a shortcode
bookmark notes
Bookmark Events

The bookmarks add-on allows the visitors, attendees or anyone to bookmark the events on your website so that they can come back to your site and find the item of their interest without having to spend time on finding it .The bookmark can be saved with a note, so as to let the visitors save a reminder message for themselves.Only logged in users can bookmark.

Bookmark Dashboard

Use the shortcode [events_manager_my_bookmarks] to display a list of the bookmarked events or attendees or users in a table, while they’re logged in your website.

mybookmark table
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