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Simple and easy to use
simple and easy to use .straight to the point …….
Very Clean Event Manager Plugin
Wp event manager plugin is very clean plugin in terms of code. The plugin is fast and does not impact the design of the theme too. I am using this plugin for my blogs and I am loving it totally. Best event management plugin in WordPress. Good job team .
Good plugin for event management
Good Plugin for Managing Events and the Plugin and Supports Deserve 5+ Stars.
A great and worthwhile plugin
Perfect utility for people who want to create and manage events. Absolute must-have.
Great. All in one
Awesome plugin with all in one. I’m using this plugin with my third party site and it is working fine without facing any issue till now. I as admin am able to manage everything from back end of the WordPress and front end users are also able to manage events from front end dashboard. Easy to use for admin and users both. Easy to search the events as well. Very useful for me!! Keep it up guys.. 🙂
Comprehensive Event Plugin
WP Event Manager is one of the most comprehensive event WordPress plugins available in the market. The user-friendly settings and detailed guidance make this plugin stand out. WP Event Manager plugin along with it’s add-ons can be the best solution for any event website.
Awesome plugin! need a little more work on the style
Awesome plugin, work great with have many nice features. my only note on style and theme that I think can have more improvement, also as long you using bootstrap why not just use a vanilla bootstrap style which make it much easier to integrate into the site theme … but again great work 🙂 Thanks
Nice plugins & lots of features available
Nice plugins created
Great plugin
I love this plugin! Is awesome 🙂
Excellent support and great larynx
Excellent support and great larynx
simple to set up with great guide
I’ve looked at a few of these membership plugins. Some were too hard to set up and overly complicated. I liek the simplicity of this oen plus it has enough add-ons to meet my needs! Oh, and even more important, their customer support is excellent!
Lot of functionality
This plugin has really a lot of functions and is easy to configure using template files, and the support is really fast, I will buy the extension because will solve me a lot of problems. The only thing I’m sorry about is not having discovered it before.
Events plugin and addons
neat and clean code, easy to use.
Great plugin
The all most you need for better event management
Full selection of event management plugins
I have reviewed a lot of event manager plugins and none compare to WP Event Manager.
Working fine
It is very useful for me too! Great plugin with great and many features. Thank you for this awesome plugin.
Simply Setup
This is the perfect plugin for displaying events on your website. The setup is very simple and detailed. Answers all of the questions for someone looking to attend the event you’re advertising.
Страхотен плъгин
Плъгина върши страхотна работа. Съпорта също много помага. Съжалявам че не го бях намерил по рано много време и нерви щеше да ми спести. Поздрави на създателите.
Easy to configure Event management plugin
This plugin is very easy to use and configure. It has lots of useful features for creating an event listing website.
My site works great
Loved it. I had to make my own site where I can invite organizers to host events and then advertise it to prospects to get attendees for the events. So far I am using the plugin, it is coded well with SEO point of view as well. I am delighted to have the free plugin.
Excellent and great addons
Great addons and excellent for our website…
Fantastic! Very pratical and easy to use!
Nice Plugin
Nice Plugin. They are providing many features and easy to customize the plugin. great work 🙂 Thanks
Excellent plugin
That’s a fantastic Event plugin! Worked very well on my website.
Awesome plugin for event management
Awesome plugin it really helped me alot
Just great!
Scalable and Easy to use event management plugin
Simply Great!
Ashok and his team is highly appreciated for the work they have done. They immediately responded all my queries and always helped and guided me whenever I was stuck. This is a great plugin with many features. Covers many aspects of what an event should have to make it successful. Many thanks for all support.
Highly recommended event management plugin
Tried this plugin for a few days now. I highly recommend it. It comes with plenty of awesome features and has built in the form management as well as many other features to convert your WordPress blog into a full-fledged event platform. Haven’t tried other premium addons but free version is already offering a lof of value.
Great Event Plugin With Wide Options For Customization
I’m impressed with the vast and easy to set up customization options. I would say that it is a handy plugin to create the event WordPress sites within minutes.
Great Plugin for Event Listing
It is a great plugin for event website. The features are also up to the mark for prompt functioning.
Best Plugin For Event Management
This is a great plugin for Event Management and event plugin with the most complete feature. 🙂
Definitely give WP Event Manager a look if you need to add event listings
WP Event Manager is easy to use and set up. It only takes a few minutes to get up and going. And I like that it includes a setup wizard to automatically create all the necessary pages.
Sophisticated plugin with great support
The plugin makers team is really good and made this full-fledged plugin. The layout is very much similar to WP job manager which is led by Automattic Inc itself. The support team of plugin provides support to free users as well which is exceptionally good, and a must learn for other developers too. Thanks a lot. recommended for this one and will try the Add-Ons once our site is running up.
Impressed! Feature rich plugin with endless customization options
WP Event Manager is first of all super easy to use. I had it up and running in a matter of minutes. But it also has a lot of customization options. The field editor is really awesome! You can basically change/add/remove any field that you see on the back-end and front-end event submission forms. This allows you to build something tailored specifically for your event. The developers are very generous as the number of options in the free version of this plugin will surprise you. Definitely take it for a spin!
A must-have event management plugin
One of the best WordPress plugins for event management! If you want to handle events through WordPress, this is the plugin for you. It is very easy to install and setup. It’s versatile and allows easy submission of events both from the backend and the frontend. And all that for free! Haven’t tried them, but add-ons look amazing as well.
The Perfect Plugin for Events Managaments
This is a nice and really easy to use plugin when it comes to event creation, submission and management. It has everything you need. You and your clients can create new events, manage the existing events, filter them by category, location and much more!
What an amazing plugin!
This is plugin is really amazing and useful! It saves a lot of my time to create an event and it can be shared with friends. Highly recommended!
WP Event Manager Offers Full-Featured Event Management
I was very impressed how fast and easy it was to set up the plugin. After installation, it literally took just two clicks to create the pages and shortcodes for a basic event management system. This is a valuable plugin that many WordPress users can benefit from.
Great Plugin and great support
Very helpful support and a great plugin to work with.
lots of usefull features and great addons
the free version is usable, what makes it great are the addons, which extend the great features of the plugin.
Tested it. Pretty awesome for a free plugin!
Simple, intuitive, and very helpful. Totally deserves a try.
Great Support and Plugin
Great Plugin, great support. I would appreciate a little more styling and layoutoptions and most of all a buddypress addon.
Awesome plugin
This plugin has really a lot of functions, and is easy to configure using template files, and the support is really fast, I will buy the extension because will solve me a lot of problems. The only thing I’m sorry about is not having discovered it before.
Super Plugin for Local Event Magazine!
I installed the free plugin and am very happy. Already got some add ons too 🙂
A Must Plugin For Event Management
Great plugin for event management. One must have it. Will give 5 on 5. 🙂
Really good plugin
I want to thank to the team that developed this plugin, it’s really simple and it looks good. Big up, guys! 🙂
Awesome Event Management Plugin
Event manager plugin is “must have” if you want to turn your WordPress website into an event management portal. Event management plugins allow you to display all relevant information for events into one place.
Great Event Management Plugin
WP Event Manager is a Wonderful WordPress Event plugin packed up with great features and add-ons. The team is very much responsive and hard working. Thanks for such a great addition to WordPress community.
Very flexible and versatile plugin
WP Event Manager is a highly flexible and versatile event management plugin. It’s a very useful plugin for non-technical WordPress users. The plugin developer is also very responsible and approachable.
Lots of features and up in few minutes
Spent some time evaluating many free and paid event management plugins to my project and glad I settled on WP Event Manager, out of the box plugin has whole set of options and features, I was up and running in a few minutes. Added few addons for extra functionality, support was fantastic and quick help addressing my questions.
Perfect, accurate and Very useful indeed.
Genuinely speaking, this plugin has really helped us a lot with their functions. I strongly recommend this plugin for great results. Thank you for this.
Bastante intuitivo
Bastante intuitivo
Awesome Plugins
I think WP Event Manager is one of the best events manager plugins in WordPress. Easy coding & modification… Maybe I will consider for buy Pro versions.
Great Event Plugin and Excellent Support
I came across this plugin (free!) and its add-ons for my sports event startup. Worked around the free plugin for few days to see if it matches my website needs. After testing the free plugin for few days and checking whether the support team is responsive to the my questions for the plugin.. all I can say is it looks amazing and promising to me. The plugins amazing functionality and its superb user interface is something worth and a hard work of the team. I give it full 5 star to them as it’s the best event plugin till date. I further look forward to their addons for my websites RSVP forms, gathering users data and maybe their ticket purchase feature. Thank you. Arshad
Nice and Practical!
I was looking for a plugin to manage my events (I arrange meetings with people around my state to make football shirt changes) and I found this one. I found it very practical and easy to use, and it certainly helps me to stay organized. Keep up the good work, guys!
Its an awesome plugin
Awesome plugin build by awesome people. I know how serious you people are about this plugin. Its going to be one of the best thing to use for events management in WordPress. This lot of features and support. Its waoo <3
Huge help
I’m so excited to have found this Event plugin. The free version does everything I need. I purchased one of the add-ons and event though I ran into a problem on my end, the customer service was exceptional. Better service than I sometimes get with paid plugins. 5 stars!!
Great plugin
No problem installing and using this plugin. must recommend for everyone 5 star for you guys
Good Plugin with some very good features for every Event Agency, Eventmannagement or for an City Guide!
Quality plugin
Great plugin for painlessly creating an event listing site using WP. Clean code and many options for developers.
New but incredibly performant WordPress plugin!
Considering the fact that event listing websites are a robust way of keeping you aware of all the happenings around you. WP Event Manager plugin is a great addition in this respect. Despite being relatively new, it is incredibly performant free WordPress plugin which helps you build an event listing website. ✅Clean code, proper documentation, and support make it fun and easy to extend for custom use. 🎖Also, the fact that it makes use of native WordPress UI and structure, makes it easy to get started with it. And the availability of .pot file helps you easily translate it to any language. Kudos to the entire team. Cheers! ✌
A very useful plugin, work really well
A very useful plugin. It works very well and helps me to create and manage my events. I tried a few and this one is the most suitable. Fast and easy to use. Recommend this to all the sites that need event listing and management.
Nice and helpful event plugin
It’s a great product, available also in several languages!
Awesome plugin! Simple but have many options!
Loved it!


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