Changing the event slug/permalink

Changing the event slug/permalink
In Event listings WP Event Manager default to the permalink ‘events’. So, for example, an event may have the following URL: Two methods in customising this;
  1. Using a localization file and translating the string
  2. Using a filter

Important note: To make the slug functional, you will have to save it again after the change. Go to admin panel and Click on Permalinks under Settings menu. Select any Common Settings options and press save button.

Changing the event slug
Use Filters to change the permalink base
Add some custom code to your theme functions.php to filter the permalink:
Change the permalink slug for new events
To make event permalinks extraordinary, the slug has organizer and event location names appended to it. You can alter this through a filter and custom function added to your theme functions.php file. The code used is as follows:
Example: Adding the Event ID to the base URL
The event ID will be added to the base URL with the help of this snippet.E.g. /event/1234/event-title
Example: Add the category to the base URL
The Event’s category name is added to the base url with the help of this snippet. E.g./event/event-category/event-title
Example: Adding the category and event location to the base URL
This snippet would add the category name and event location name to the base url. E.g. /event/event-category/event-location/event-title