WP DB Backup
WP DB Backup
Afraid of loosing your precious data. Take a backup!! WP DB Backup is one of the most efficient WordPress tool for backup. If you want to make sure that you don’t loose any of your live data, you can use this plugin for taking regular backup of your site data. So in case of emergency, you can just revert back to your running status using your backed up data. Once you install this plugin, you can take instant backup of all your data with a click. You can even schedule automatic backup at a fixed period. For instance – A weekly, monthly or a daily backup.


Create Database Backup

Instant Backup

You can instantly create your database backup.

Schedule Backup

Schedule backup daily weekly or monthly.
wp database details
Database Details

This tab will show the host name, database name, username and password for your database. This is for information purpose only.

Instant Backup

At any point while editing or updating your website, should you ever feel like taking a backup of the latest database, you just have to click. Press a button and all your data will be backed-up instantly.

db backup now
gam database schedule
Schedule backup

You can schedule the backup of your website. Determine when you want the system to automatically backup all your site data. You can schedule it to be on a weekly basis, or monthly or daily. So, at the scheduled duration, the data will be automatically backed up, and you won’t have to take any action for that. Download this plugin for FREE!!

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